The telecommunications operator is now in charge of the management, monitoring and auditing of its Contact Centre.

Further to the tender presented by the National Network of Spanish Railways (RENFE), Dialoga Group has been chosen to provide them with an intelligent telephone network solution as well as auditing services of all calls received in the company’s Call Centre. This agreement between the two companies seeks to achieve excellence in all telephone communications between RENFE and their users.

The telecommunications operator, Dialoga Group, has provided RENFE with a new web tool through which it can configure and manage various phone services, such as the implementation of audio messages/prompts, call recording, option menus to guide the listener, effective queue management and call routing to the appropriate agent depending on the time zone and/or the origin of the call.

Furthermore, the new tool allows for the full auditing and analysis of each communication maintained between the user and the company, providing RENFE with detailed information on the total number of calls received, the percentage of calls answered or queued, the talk or standby time, etc.

RENFE staff, as well as its Call Centre teams, have been trained by the telecommunications operator in the use and operation of this new tool that allows a thorough quantitative and qualitative analysis of all telephone traffic. The data generated from the auditing service, along with the continuous use and analysis of the web tool, will determine the actions required in order to improve the telephone service offered by RENFE.

Dialoga Group “The National Network of Spanish Railways entrusts to Dialoga the improvement of their customer service systems” June 27, 2016.