Toll-Free 2 Call

Toll-Free 2 Call is an affordable solution for businesses receiving mobile phone calls on their toll free numbers. Many businesses have to choose between denying mobile access to toll free numbers due to the expense of mobile termination or paying expensive bills at the end of the month.

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How does Toll-Free 2 Call work? When someone makes a call from their mobile to your toll-free, our service can intercept the call and prompt the caller to hang up and await an immediate call back from your company using the same 0800 number. Once the customer hangs up your toll free number automatically calls back the mobile.

Our Toll-Free 2 Call service allows you to save the costs of keeping mobile calls in long queues. This service is automatically activated when the call comes from a mobile line. For users calling from a landline, this service will work as a normal Toll-Free.

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