Following the authorization by the regulatory body, the operator Dialoga Group disembarks in Mexico. The concession granted by the Federal Institute of Telecommunications allows the operator to provide telecommunications services with national coverage.

Dialoga Group is a telecom operator that develops and provides carrier-grade cloud communication services delivered on a pay-per-use model. With more than 120 million minutes managed per month, the operator has extensive experience in providing communication solutions.

The arrival of Dialoga Group in Mexico is part of the international expansion strategy that the operator has maintained in recent years. Dialoga Group will begin to offer in Mexico its cloud telephony and communications services, as it already does in the USA, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Portugal.

Within the portfolio of products developed by Dialoga Group, special mention must be made of the sophisticated solutions of natural language recognition, voice biometrics, artificial intelligence, onmichannel integration of all communication channels of the company, recording, monitoring and transcription of calls, WebRTC lines, multiconference, bulk SMS service, IoT and the possibility of providing local numbering of any country, whether geographic, toll-free or cost-sharing.

Among Dialoga’s main clients are contact centers, leading companies in the hotel, transport, real estate portal, finance, banking and insurance sectors, as well an extensive list of companies from a vast array of diverse sectors.

As a result, Dialoga Group consolidates itself as a fierce competitor in the supply of telecommunications services within the Mexican market, while at the same time reinforcing its position within this large Spanish-speaking market that demands leading telecommunications services in its own language.

Dialoga Group. “Dialoga Group lands in Mexico as new telecommunications operator”. December 16, 2016.
Photograpgy by Lidia López