After becoming the only operator with its own network in 29 countries (EU and America), allowing it to provide high quality telecommunications services without having to resort to resellers, Dialoga Group has now developed its own WebRTC platform for final users, call center agents and homeshoring agents.

The operator has launched its first Web Real Time Communications (WebRTC) services under the names “Sword” and “Trident”, which are intended to revolutionize the traditional way of conceiving telephone communication at work. WebRTC is a collection of communication protocols that enable real-time communication over peer-to-peer connections, such as voice, video, chat, file transfers and instant messaging.

Sword is a WebRTC multiline designed for 1 to 1 communication, while Trident is a sophisticated PBX based on WebRTC technology. As these are cloud based WebRTC services , there are no infrastructure or hardware requirements. This, added to the fact that these products are available on a pay per use model, create a significant cost saving when compared with traditional telephony or SIP trunks.

SWORD – Your WebRTC multiline
The idea behind Sword is really simple, and that is what makes it a very smart product. Dialoga provides you with one or more personal DDI numbers which allows you to communicate across the globe using any device within your reach. You can make and receive calls using your PC, mobile, tablet or even a Smart TV. No matter where you are in the world, your business line is always available.

The key benefits:

Your business travels with you – Your business line is available anywhere, anytime and on any device, even on your personal mobile phone. This means reducing the number of missed calls to almost zero. Likewise, the need for expensive roaming plans or dual-sim phones is no longer a concern.

More freedom and less cost – No physical connections are needed (no SIP trunks to hire, no SIP phones to buy) giving you the freedom to access Sword on-the go, from any device. Sword even allows you to forward calls to a designated mobile number if data coverage fails, so no single call is lost.

Much more than a phone call – This WebRTC based product has been designed with global communication in mind. Sword boasts a large number of features such as custom outbound caller ID, personalized voicemails, API integration with CRMs, certified call recording, call history synchronization across devices, etc.

TRIDENT – Your team WebRTC system
Trident combines all the features of Sword with all the benefits of an advanced team communication system. Traditionally called PBX, this advanced call control and call routing engine comes accompanied by rich features such as private extensions, IVR, voice recognition, instant messaging, DTMF and an easy-to-use converged self-management and reporting interface.

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