Dialoga Group, as a CloudComms® Operator, has ten years of B2B experience offering services such as PBXs, contact centres, call recording, call tracking for marketing campaigns, voice biometrics, sentiment analysis of communications, etc.

For the provision of these services it is necessary to have local telecommunications infrastructure in each country of the EU, given the heterogeneous European regulation requiring that each country has to provide these telecommunications services with local networks and licenses. Therefore, for the last 10 years Dialoga Group has prepared the company for a potential collapse of the EU regulatory and today we are the only telecom operator with its own network and license to provide services in all EU countries.

In this way, and now that we have to face Brexit, in UK we are already providing services to businesses and other telecom operators through our own national network, with local infrastructure and an interconnected network regulated by British Telecom and other operators. Thus, our telecom services are completely immune to the possible processes of disintegration of the UK (both in the case of UK and other potential countries) as we have the local infrastructure covered under local regulation in all EU countries.

Dialoga Group, thanks to its strategy of recent years, is in an advantageous position to provide all kinds of CloudComms@ services for businesses and other operators around the world.

Dialoga Group “Dialoga Group prepared for the disintegration of the EU after Brexit” June 24, 2016. Photograpgy by Eric Huybrechts