The telecom operator Dialoga continues its strategy of geographical expansion, which has materialised this week with the opening of a new office in Venice. Italy thus becomes the eighth country in which the operator has a physical presence, having been preceded by Spain, Germany, England, Holland, USA, France and Portugal. With this move, Dialoga seeks to position itself as a technological reference in the field of WebRTC in Italy, a country with enormous growth potential due mainly to its wide market and its significant possibilities of technological development in the field of business communications. This favourable scenario, coupled with the exceptional communications that the city already boasts, has led Dialoga to choose the capital of the Veneto region as the location for its new office.

The opening of new offices is driven by the desire of the operator to be closer to its customers. “We are already operators with our own network in more than 29 countries in Europe and USA and we work every day to increase this figure. At the same time, we want to continue providing a personalised service to all our clients and that means being physically close to them and understanding not only the regulation of each country or region but also the idiosyncrasies of each market, “said Jorge Fernández, CSO of Dialoga, and who has personally been in charge of bringing together the new team of professionals responsible for serving this market.

As part of the expansion strategy for Italy, Dialoga has signed a collaboration agreement with SMAU, a circuit of events taking place in different cities throughout Italy with the aim of promoting a culture of innovation in Italian companies. This is how we have been able to see Dialoga present their WebRTC based communicative solutions, initially in Padua in March followed by Bologna in June. Prior to the end of 2017, Dialoga will be present in trade fairs in Milan and Naples.

Dialoga. “Dialoga strengthens its position in Europe with the opening of a new office in Venice”.  June 23, 2017