The end of roaming favours companies that use VoIP telephony

Since the 15th of June, mobile phone users in Europe can now make calls and use the internet anywhere in the EU at no additional cost according to the new rules that eliminate roaming charges in all member countries. The EU has standardized mobile tariffs, allowing users to roam like at home. This is great news for European travellers who can use their national plans and rates while visiting EU states. But it is also fantastic news for companies that have workers located in different countries in Europe, working remotely or traveling often.

This new scenario provides enormous economic savings for those companies that take advantage of leaving behind their traditional telephone services in favour of VoIP, that being, voice over the internet. VoIP is already helping many companies to greatly reduce costs by not having facilities or maintenance expenditures, unlike with traditional telephony. Also the price of calls, both national and international, is much lower than those made with a traditional line. In exchange for these advantages, VoIP requires that we are connected to the data network to make such calls, which could not be entirely convenient in cases when we are in another country.

With the regulatory change over the use of roaming in the EU, this problem is entirely overcome by making VoIP-based telephony the safe bet for companies that require communicative solutions that offer maximum mobility and flexibility at the lowest price.

Sword, the WebRTC business multiline

Dialoga, as a telecommunications operator with presence in 29 countries, is at the forefront of communicative solutions for companies with an international presence. Considering the demands of their customers, Dialoga has launched Sword, a telephone line for companies based on WebRTC. Sword is a revolutionary technology that allows each worker to access their company line from any device that is connected to the Internet, be that a PC, tablet, mobile, etc. With Sword, each member of a company can configure the reception of their calls at any fixed, mobile or IP destination. Calls can even be redirected to a personal phone number or voicemail when data coverage is poor. Whether you’re at the office, traveling, at home or on the move, your business always travels with you, avoiding missed calls or having to use dual sim phones to distinguish between personal and professional calls. In addition to all of these advantages, now comes the end of high roaming charges, allowing Sword users to move freely throughout Europe with their company telephone line and without having to worrying about any unwanted surprises on their phone bill.

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