For almost 34 years, the TALLY WEiJL brand has been known for its trendy, expressive and feminine fashion. To create the must-haves of the season, TALLY WEiJL designers around the world are inspired by the latest trends. Not least thanks to this fast-moving pace and its great innovative spirit, the Swiss company is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is feasible and has managed to become one of the big players on the international fashion scene with over 900 stores in 39 countries. With its customer service, too, the company goes beyond the borders that are known and well known. In order to offer its customers the best possible service, TALLY WEiJL has been looking for the optimal partner to support them in the continuous change of digitalization with the appropriate solutions. The international service team of TALLY WEiJL was faced with several challenges in order to:

• Optimize international customer service in the Service Center.
• Abolish the complex internal helpdesk telephony solution.
• Provide the e-commerce division with its own flexible cloud telephony solution.
• Find a single partner to meet their global needs, both locally and internationally.
• Adapt the financial structure to current market changes.

Before the actual decision was made, the fashion company tested solutions from various providers. However, it quickly became clear that was the only provider to meet all the requirements of agents, employees and management. “The time frame for implementation and commissioning was very short at that time. That’s why we were looking for a supplier who was able to implement our requirements quickly and at the same time in a targeted manner. The prerequisites for this were a cost-effective use of telephone numbers in 15 countries and the associated low-cost, cross-country routing and operating costs. The flexible adaptability of the HYDRA WebRTC-ACD solution to our existing infrastructure was also very relevant to our decision, as were the fast response times, transparent global consulting, flexible contract terms and personal advice “.  Michel PEGEOT, Network & Security Manager.

Current solution

The product portfolio of’s WebRTC platform includes a customized solution designed specifically for contact centres and customer service departments. This is an ACD marketed under the name HYDRA and is not subject to the requirements of traditional physical infrastructure. HYDRA, based on WebRTC technology, enables an offshore platform where remote agents are managed as if they were a single contact centre and where IP terminals and SIP trunks are completely unnecessary. The solution is accessible from any device connected to the Internet and offers unique flexibility to contact centres, allowing them to choose between 100% access to the cloud or a hybrid solution.

The technology

WebRTC technology does not require any infrastructure, physical installations or the purchase of additional devices. This is one of the clear advantages of WebRTC over its predecessor models and represents a significant cost reduction.

It is important to understand how WebRTC works. It is a collection of protocols that enable real-time voice, video, chat, file enchange and instant messaging communication over end-to-end connections within a browser. By opening a URL in a browser, you can access all these communication methods.

Towards the future

Currently, TALLY WEiJL is also testing the SWORD WebRTC solution very successfully. Sword is a phone line that can be used from any browser and has the advantage that all calls can be received or made via PC, mobile phone, tablet and SmartTV, whether you are in the office, at home or on the go. In addition, any landline or service number can be displayed when customers are called. SWORD even forwards calls to the personal phone number or voicemail if data coverage is limited. No lost calls, no need for expensive roaming plans or dual-sim phones.

For TALLY WEiJL, WebRTC technology represents a radical change in the traditional concept of telephone communication and the organizational structure of the employees of a contact centre. WebRTC enables the company to create a mixed model that adapts to the different needs of both individual agents and the contact center.

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